Rotates around the mining company, a multitude of tales and legends, facts that the creativity of people and have generated simple life conjectures, folklore or facts that human reason has is to explain away.

Santa Bárbara

Lago na galeria                             Lake in the gallerie

"The Boys Leather"

    The legend of the "Boy of Leather" has its origin in vertical wells holes in the rock, a large number also found, hidden in the undergrowth, were progressive and slowly excavated by black children, enough to pass the small tight body. Iam looking shaft auriferous and this, the salbanda, species middle tier with weak consistency, even at escavável hand, and very rich in gold, reaching 200g per ton ore. Carried with them, these little slaves, a scholarship leather to transport the material. Hence the name that miners began to blame the very salbanda. Legend has it that much gold l eft the Santo Antônio through this process and that many of these boys still in the bottom of the wells.

Capitão Jackes

The Phantom Pia II

To most people, Captain Jackes, no more than a friendly ghost of underground galleries, and staff chat discontraído lunch time. The captain was Captain Jackes mine till the British in the mid-eighteenth century.

It is believed that in one of denotations, for unknown reasons, the Captain was the area to be exploded and was never found.

The Captain Jackes is always a friend who went to the other side. And maybe has not even existed. But everyone talks about it and see the same look: a ghost that does not frighten or scare. only wants to fulfill the mission entrusted to him for over two hundred years: explore the mine.

Cemetery Blacks

Count the region where the British were buried in Passage, has been rolled for a treasure hunter. It is believed that many Lords of mines were buried with their jewelery, or dentures encrusted metal. These rumors led to the violation of numerous Graves, since the cemetery is left for a long time. The greatest mystery lies in the cemetery of blacks, on the hill St. Anthony, where once flourished the camp of Saint Vincent.

Morro de Santo Antônio             Santo Antonio´s Hill

Not no one can doubt the fact that it contains those shallow graves where blacks were buried, hidden treasures untold. there people who claim that blacks buried with their dead, the Gold afanado in catas, hoping, to recover some freedom day, as they survive in the white world.

The Origin of the name

"Passagem de Mariana"

On period 1979-1980, the Tourism LTD CMP, CMP group company which explores the tourist route in the Gold Pass, published in a 'Tourist Inform "an interview with an elder the place telling folk origin of the name "Pass Mariana "in a text that summarize thus: tradition reveals that the name came about due to a narrow rope bridge existing next to a shack where he lived a lady named "Mariana". Despite the poetry of legend, history negana tradition. traversing the relationship of tributantes the mining region, we see, among other due to the crown, the "Tax Passage" charged to users of public bridges crossing the streams. a kind toll, if we talk in terms of current. This statement does not come abolish the existence of some small bridge made ??of cords per a miner who wanted to get rid of the tax, notwithstanding the passage between opposite sides of the Ribeirao do Carmo had been built by the government with the purpose of promoting traffic between the two major mining towns.

Devotion the Santa Gertrudis

On top of Passage Cruise, was erected in 1978 by Dr. Walter Rodrigues, a chapel in honor of Saint Gertrude. built with blocks quartizito coin extracted from the bottom of the galleries underground chapel soon became a tourist attraction, the beauty and originality of construction. In the same year, the Administration Company's Minas Passage, did publish a newsletter that justified the construction of the chapel and preached devotion to St. Gertrude to whom is attributed the protection of distressed and indebted. When you can check the devotion to St. Gertrude for its efforts by management and employees of the Company, contributed greatly to the reestablishment of economic enterprise in the decade, 1970.

Uma das galerias One of the galleries