Dentro da mina              Inside the mine

The Company Minas da Passagem

The Company Minas da Passagem, consisting in 1927, to assume the quantity of "The Ouro.preto Gold Mines LTD." initiated works of gold mining of gallery and gold to aluvionar, through dragagem in the Brook of the Carmo and its tributaries since then. The activities of mining in the galleries come being tacadas with certain intervals of temporary suspension, however for reevaluations of nature technique, however for economic reasons, these mainly on to the steady Gold price for wide period. To leaving of 1965, the CMP passed for some financial crises, that compelled it to a search for other enterprise activities as alternative, such as the gold search in the Amazônia, association with group IB Sabbá and the rendering of services of gold draining not only, as in Sabará, MG, as also the desaçoreamento of rivers and canals. In 1978 group CMP is created Enterprise Holding that carried through some changes and adaptations, the new administration is executing a ampler reform and some projects are in progress

Regional Geology

The Minas da Passagem locates inside of the known geologic area more of the Pre-Cambrian Brazilian, of the Ferrífero Quadrilateral. Space, theOuro-Ferro association in this central region of the State of Minas Gerais is a constant and constitutes a singular metalogenético phenomenon. Geogáfica and geologicamente, the Mine of the Ticket locates in the Southeastern extremity of the Ferrífero Quadrilateral.

Lago dentro da mina           Lake inside the mine

The area of the Ferrífero Quadrilateral, with only about 7.200 km 2 , reveals as a "Geologic Oasis", surrounded of a preexisting environment, direct or indirect "vulcanogênica" nature, or for thick metamorfisadas "vulcano-sedimentary" sequências.

At the moment what it can be said it is that the geologic and structural picture, in whose context it points out the deposit of Ticket, is more complex of the one than of beforehand it costumava to be proclaimed. What it exists on it is a knowledge that can be had as superficial, empirical e, over all, badly formulated.

Mines and Deposits

The gold mines and deposits and iron related here find inside of the area of manifesto 6/35, property of the C.M.P., that starts the west of the Old Mine, passes for Mariana, MG, and go until the Mine of the Mount of Santana, with superior extension the eight kilômetros. In Ticket and Mount of Santana, inside of the area of Manifesto 6/35, the gold mines of the Fundão be situated - Saint Antonio, Old Mine or Great Mine, Bush Horses and Mount of Santana, beyond aluviôes auriferous of the brooks of the Carmo and Canela. The gold of the Mine of the Ticket titula 85% and the 6 ore produces kg of arsenious anhydride for ton.

Auriferous region

The biggest auriferous area inside of the C.M.P. is that represemtado for the called set "Old Mine" or "Great Mine". Another peculiar auriferous zone inside of the area of the C.M.P is to the north, represented in Mata of the Horse and Mount Redondo. This zone soon places in the continuity north of the Great Mine, still on the right edge of the Brook of the Carmo, before the point where this transposes the N-s structures for, then after, to cross the city of Mariana, MG.

Draga no ribeirão         Dragging in the stream